Independent Contractor Acknowledgement Submission

Please read the following information and click on the link below to acknowledge and enter your information.


I acknowledge that the projects/jobs offered to me by Kari Campano LLC DBA Entertainment Staff Assist (E Staff Assist) are periodic and are not guaranteed or regular.

I acknowledge that I will be working as a W-9 independent contractor.

In addition to the above, I acknowledge the following as an independent contractor (IC):

  1. I am free to work for other companies;
  2. I choose when and where I work;
  3. I maintain my own insurances;
  4. I will invoice E Staff Assist for my services (done via PopBookings);
  5. I am responsible for paying your own state and federal taxes (1099’s will be issuedno later than January 31st for the previous year’s work);
  6. I not entitled to the standard employment benefits provided to part-time or full-timeemployees;
  7. I am required to complete each job that I accept;
  8. My services can be terminated at any time;
  9. If my role or responsibilities for E Staff Assist changes, I may request or be requiredto change my work status to part time or full-time employee based on the positionoffered to me or positions available; This request must be done in writing via email;
  10. All work offered by or coordinated through E Staff Assist or its’ clients (and related information) is completely confidential and I agree that I will NOT share, discuss, or communicate any information about our work or the movies on the internet, social media, or with anyone including clients, family, friends, or other workers.
  11. If there are any legal disputes between myself and E Staff Assist, each party will pay their own respective legal costs and any disputes will be resolved in the state of Connecticut, where E Staff Assist is based.



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