E Staff Assist On-Boarding Information


Below, please find links to download and complete the E Staff Assist Independent Contractor Agreement and a W-9 tax form.   Please complete both and return to us at Info@EStaffAssist.com when you can so we can send you the link for online pay.  If you don’t want to print the forms, you can use the free phone app Adobe Fill and Sign to complete and return electronically.   If you print, but don’t have a scanner, you can use the free phone app called GENIUS SCAN to create a PDF (similar to taking a photo but saves as PDF instead of JPG) and then return by email. Most workers opt for Independent Contractor Status with E Staff Assist because of the type of services offered, but if you would like to apply for an employee position, please let us know.  Completing the Independent Contractor Agreement, means that you have opted for Independent Contractor status and we will issue a 1099 at the end of each January for the previous year’s work, provided that you were paid $600 or more.  All Independent Contractors are responsible for their own taxes, insurance, etc.

We use POP BOOKINGS to schedule jobs.  If you haven’t already set this up, please go to:  https://app.popbookings.com/vip/estaffassist to “apply” so we can book/notify you of future jobs. Make sure to go to this link first so it connects with our company.   Let us know when that is complete and we will approve you to receive notifications for availability requests for events.  If you install the app on your phone, you will receive notifications when work is posted.   There usually are two steps to confirming work on Pop Bookings with E Staff Assist (only one if we have texted you first to get your avail).  First, as work becomes available, you will be asked to “apply” to a project if you are available (or decline if you are unavailable).  Once you are booked on our end, you will be asked to “confirm” that you are still available.   Once you are booked, you will be able to view additional specific details about the job on Pop Bookings.  You are all set for the upcoming job.  Please make sure your notifications are ON for future bookings.  When you arrive at your future project, you will be required to “CHECK IN” on the Pop Bookings and when you leave, you will have to “CHECK OUT”.  This is GPS driven, so it will only allow you to do this when you are at your location.  You may also be asked to sign in on a paper with my client, Screen Engine/Preview Free Movies which is fine. If you have any issues with checking in or checking out with events, please text Kari at (203) 223-0756  with your times.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for our E Staff Assist group texting service as a regular member of our team.  We will notify you via text of jobs posted on PopBookings or Trusted Herd.  Also, we use the group texting to confirm screenings and events that you are booked on.  All communications are based on work and you will not receive any other solicitations.

If you are a new RECRUIT from PopBookings, you will be within 3 days with the PB Fee deducted. Any added payments or hour adjustments will be made for PB RECRUITS after your initial payment is processed. If you are an E Staff Assist ROSTER staff (no fee deducted from PopBookings), payments are initiated online via VEEM (through PopBookigs) within 7-10 days of the event (or by the end of the following week).  RECRUITS can request to change to ROSTER staff members after 30 days of your initial booking based on the rules of PopBookings.  You can generally “apply” as a ROSTER staff member of the company by CLICKING HERE.  Please text Kari at (203) 223-0756 when you do so she can approve your application and forward job invites when we come to your area.

ALL ROSTER staff members work as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS and must complete and email a W-9 tax form before pay is processed. The completed W-9 form should be emailed to Info@EStaffAssist.com.  ALSO, you must complete the online E Staff Assist Independent Contractor Acknowledgement form. Please click on the following links to do so.

Each person has different pay rates based on their time with the company, experience, or type of project.   Please ask Kari directly if you need clarification and do not discuss at the event. Typically, the pay for a project  will be posted on your Pop Bookings information when scheduled.

Dress is “BUSINESS CASUAL” in basic black or dark colors.   Comfortable (flat) shoes are recommended. Sneakers are OK if fashionable or clean.  PLEASE NO blue jeans, ripped jeans, torn shirts, sports warm-ups, or pullover or zip-up hoodies.  If you have tatoos on your arms, long sleeves are preferred, particularly for research events which are dressier.

Please see the screening supervisor at the theater when you arrive.  If you tell the ticket taker at the theater that you are working the movie event today, they can direct you to the theater house where everyone will check in for independent assignments.  There are various tasks throughout the event before, during and after the movie.  Many events are for marketing research, so audience members will be admitted, seated, and then will complete a questionnaire after the event.  Press events do not have a questionnaire after.

All screening events are CONFIDENTIAL and you cannot discuss or post info about the movie or your job on the internet or social media. These movies are still being edited and are not ready to be promoted.

All future work with our client, Screen Engine/Preview Free Movies, will be booked and paid directly by E Staff Assist.

Any cancellations should be made with enough notice so we can find a replacement.  Same day notifications are not acceptable and will jeopardize future work (depending on the length of your work with E Staff Assist).  Please call or text Kari in the unforeseen event you need to cancel, (203) 223-0756.   Any no-shows without advance communication will forego any pending payments due and/or future work.

Thanks so much!

Please confirm all and let us know if you have any questions.

Kari Campano
E Staff Assist
(203) 223-0756


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